CarGuard Trevor Smith Explains the Value of Vehicle Protection Plans

Paying monthly vehicle expenses is a task nobody enjoys doing. Not only is there a car payment, gas, and required insurance, but countless expenses also start to add up.

This makes people skeptical about investing in a vehicle protection plan. Is adding another bill helping in the long run? CarGuard Trevor Smith believes that every driver can benefit from having a vehicle protection plan that fits their needs. By understanding what it provides, more and more people are adding this to a list of monthly expenses.

What is a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A vehicle protection plan covers many different scenarios for the average driver. Depending on the plan a person invests in, they can start to save a considerable amount of money on nearly every type of repair. This could be routine maintenance or an issue caused by an accident that is left uncovered by standard insurance.

Instead of paying one lump sum of money for every repair, a vehicle protection plan helps to lighten the blow. This is excellent news for shoppers who are on a tight monthly budget. It’s essential to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Who Offers Vehicle Protection Plans?

Just about every single vehicle protection plan either comes from a dealership or a third party. Dealerships try to upsell customers the same day they are buying their vehicle. More often than not, vehicle protection plans from dealerships tend to cost a little bit more because of this.

Third-party options offered after making a car purchase are usually the more affordable option. They specialize in vehicle protection plans, and everything can be set up for auto payment.

They work almost identical to an insurance company as far as making claims is concerned. Everything is just one call away in many cases, but there could be requirements for additional documentation later on. The top companies even offer pickup services, replacement cars, and more.

What Makes a Vehicle Protection Plan Stand Out From Others?

Since vehicle protection plans have only grown in popularity, numerous companies offer what appears to be the same thing. While the rates might switch a little bit here and there, most try to make themselves as marketable as possible.

Before purchasing a policy, what are some critical differences between subpar and great options? Keep these factors in mind to be well informed.

Transfer Policy

A company that offers a transferable policy is the best way to go. There’s a chance that a person never actually uses their policy with one car before making a purchase later on. Instead of going through everything again, the transfer process makes it so easier to have the same type of coverage.

Repair Flexibility

Several tools that are used by someone who is flexible in what they can fix

Anyone who has lived in the same area for a while probably has a dependable mechanic they go to. Getting any type of repair done is so much easier with a trusting name nearby. It’s important to read the fine print to ensure that any vehicle protection plan offers flexibility to use nearby shops.

It will be a very costly fix just to get a car to a shop if there is a lack of options. Don’t always go for the cheapest plan because this is one of the ways that they can afford such a low rate.

Long Coverage Terms and Mileage Limits

A vehicle protection plan doesn’t do much good if it’s not offering coverage for an extended time. The older a car gets, the more important it is to have this type of protection in the first place. Most people don’t end up using their vehicle protection plan until it’s been around for a while.

It’s crucial to ask about different terms and mileage limits so that no one is ever caught off guard. Failure to do so could be a pretty big investment for not much coverage as far as length is concerned.

Deductible terms

It’s important to understand the difference between the different types of deductibles. Some go on a per-visit basis, while others go on a per repair basis. There’s a chance that there will be numerous repairs in one visit. Having a per visit deductible is much more affordable for the average person.

Make sure to comb through some standard scenarios to play with the numbers and see which seems like the better option. A per repair deductible might have lower premiums, so it can entice some shoppers to go that way.

How CarGuard Administration Can Help

One of the leaders in the vehicle protection plan industry is CarGuard Administration. They’ve been offering a variety of vehicle protection plans for any type of budget for several years. They pride themselves on customization options that ensure customers only spend money they can on a monthly basis.

Allowing for customization for a plan ensures no overlapping coverage for each individual. It’s pointless to spend more money on double or even triple coverage spanning different policies. Trevor Smith and CarGuard Administration have always put the consumer first from that perspective.

To learn more about Car Guard Administration, including a breakdown of all the savings an individual can receive, visit They provide many upfront details for shoppers looking to do their research.