How CarGuard Trevor Smith Prioritizes Consumer’s Needs

It seems like second nature for vehicle service contract providers to put their customer’s needs first, but surprisingly not that many do. This is something that CarGuard Trevor Smith has built his company’s reputation on; the company’s goal is to be there for the customer, first and foremost.

Building Relationships

Adjudicating your claims fairly and promptly is why vehicle service contract providers exist in the first place. But CarGuard Trevor Smith knows these claims represent people. He also knows that this is something that often gets lost in this industry. That’s why CarGuard makes it their mission to provide one-of-a-kind customer service.

The best way for vehicle service contract providers to build relationships with their customers is to clarify their values. They know that if you lay out a clear company philosophy putting the customer’s needs first and preach that philosophy from executive to sales representatives to customer service agents, loyalty will follow.

That’s why CarGuard Trevor Smith has invested his company with a clear vision of customer-oriented values, making innovation, customer service, responsiveness, and transparency the backbone of everything they do.


With some of the most advanced and flexible plans in the industry, CarGuard makes it their priority to use modern technologies to make their customer’s experience more convenient and satisfying. If customers know that their vehicle service contract provider is always looking for ways to deliver the best service possible, they’ll know they’ve found the right provider.

Customer Service

Trevor Smith knows a thing or two about keeping customers happy; that’s why he makes them his company’s highest priority. There is only one way to be a leader in the automotive warranty industry, and that’s to ensure customers are taken care of every single time they make a claim or call for assistance.


Customers expect businesses to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs. CarGuard’s Trevor Smith knows this is true of the automotive warranty industry more than any other business. That’s why he’s taken a close look at what customers need and want from their service plans.

Smith also knows that a quick response and fulfillment time ensures that customers can get back to their lives because they know that CarGuard is there to take care of things when an issue arrives.


Transparency in the warranty industry is rare, but CarGuard knows it’s what customers deserve. They deserve to hear the truth, and they deserve to have that truth patiently explained to them.

And that doesn’t just mean telling part-truths either. CarGuard stakes its reputation on its honesty and commitment to ensuring its customers know exactly what’s going into their auto warranty plan and precisely what goes into their decisions about claims.

Trust is one of the most critical components of a customer-first approach, and committing to that at the highest levels is something that separates CarGuard from the rest.

Administrators Who Care

When CarGuard was founded, the vehicle service contract industry was full of businesses that could care less about their customers. That’s why Trevor Smith saw an opportunity to do things differently and began offering vehicle protection plans to their clients with a customer-centric approach meant to serve their needs and build lasting relationships.