Tips to increase your bike mileage

Nowadays, it has become difficult to maintain the mileage of a bike. Multiple bike owners are feel like their bike absorb most of their expenses and root cause is a low mileage. The below-listed tips is to increase your bike mileage and this can change your bike as the best 2 wheeler in India

Get your bike service regularly

Service of your bike at the right intervals plays an important role in your bike’s mileage. Servicing is not only to improve engine’s health and it also increases the life of your vehicle. Even you delay the service, it loss the lifespan of engine and mileage will be high. Make sure the engine oil is always checked. You can check with the authorized service centre about the right oil for your engine and use it.

Check Air pressure

Air pressure will differ in every bike. Lesser air pressure means more friction, thereby returning a less mileage. At least, check the air pressure alternatively when you visit a gas station or before going for a long drive. Maintain a manufacturer recommended tyre pressure, but don’t be too greedy and overinflate the rubber, it will affect the grip level and safety.

Ride your bike at a steady speed

Most important and primary consideration to increase your bike mileage is to avoid rash driving and ride your bike at a steady speed of 30kmph to 50kmph. Racing within the city and sudden braking can be termed as a rash riding. These are not harmful to your bike but it is unsafe for you as well. Excess rash riding can cause serious damage to the engine on the long drive. Maintaining a constant speed will help you to achieve good mileage.

Good quality fuel

You must need to take care of your bike by filling the good quality fuel. The scooty 110cc comes with a good fuel-injected engine. Filling good quality fuel helps to increase mileage when compared to the contaminated fuel. It also even helps in keeping the engine healthy. The good quality of petrol will always keep the engine in good condition and increases the fuel efficiency of the bike. So, stay away from misleading fuels and always choose the good quality unleaded premium fuel for best engine performance.

Avoid parking in the sunlight

Don’t park your bike sunlight for a longtime. Not, because of tanning but the sunlight causes evaporation of fuel, it turns to reduce the mileage. You know that you will go for a long drive during the day, make sure your bike is parked in the shaded place. This will also help to increase your bike mileage.

Keep it clean 

Keep your bike free from dust and also ensures the smooth and restriction-free momentum. If you wait until the mud hardens, then your bike will attract rust easily. So, clean your bike regularly.

Bottom line

Therefore, these are the tips to increase your bike mileage. Buy a good quality of fuel, check air pressure and clean your bike in a regular basis and it helps to increase your bike mileage and lifespan of bike.