The Legend Leaves The Scene: Off-Road Dodge Stealth to Replace Durango

There are not so many cars that combine the power and reliability of the engine, cross-country ability, attractive appearance, and affordability. If there are usually no problems with a combination of the first points, then with the last one everything is not so simple. Fortunately, such vehicles still exist and evolve. The used car experts from the Indy Auto Man dealership offer to explore the history of the legendary Dodge Durango and its long-awaited successor. Check also the Dodge model overview on


The first generation of the Dodge Durango was released in 1997 in the USA, based on the famous Dakota pickup truck. The cars had an engine with a capacity of 175 to 250 horsepower and came out in two versions with all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.

Since 2003, Dodge has updated its look and performance, moving into the second generation. The car has grown noticeably. The power has also changed, up to 335 hp in the older version with a Hemi V8 engine, which is a direct descendant of the engines that were on military fighters in the 50s of the last century.


The Dodge Durango is a proud representative of classic American SUVs with a look to match. Large, slightly rough body elements and an abundance of chrome on the grille immediately give out the car’s character. It attracts attention at first sight. The Durango is a simple but very reliable frame SUV.


The interior can’t boast sophistication, but it is not needed here. All the details of the SUV emphasize its main characteristics: simplicity, reliability, and comfort provided by leather upholstery, electrically adjustable, large gear lever, and high-quality dashboard assembly.

The second generation of this model in one of the versions came out based on the Hemi V8 engine. This motor is deservedly called the millionaire for its reliability and durability. This allows the driver not to worry about the mileage when buying a car. In addition, the Dodge of this model has a five-speed automatic transmission, and in combination with a powerful engine, this makes it the most suitable for complex road conditions.

New-Age Successor

The Dodge Stealth will be an all-terrain vehicle and take Dodge into the era of large modern SUVs.

The new Dodge Stealth will soon forget its sporting roots of the distant 1990s and become the Durango’s successor in the class of three-row mid-size SUVs. The current Durango’s demise was known when its brother Jeep Grand Cherokee switched to the new WL platform, leaving the Durango to die on the old WK2. The Stealth that changes will get a modern look more in line with its capabilities and name. To a large extent, this marketing somersault is because SUVs are becoming the most preferred transport for most US buyers, and with the departure of the mediocre Journey, Dodge had only one such car left – the aging Durango. And now the lineup change is taking place as Dodge expands its SUV lineup, recently adding the new Hornet sports crossover.

By the way, the Durango name may also remain, and it can be relaunched as a full-size body-on-frame SUV using the Jeep Wagoneer platform. The Stealth, however, will most likely join the Grand Cherokee L and its new WL platform. However, it may also use the new large STLA platform, developed for electric vehicles but also suitable for building hybrids. The new 3.0 L, six-cylinder, twin-turbo Hurricane I will replace the outgoing V8 Hemi, and the SUV will cost around $40,000. The market launch is scheduled for the end of 2024.