Guide To Your Teen’s First Car

The teenage years can be an especially stressful time, and this includes the parents as well. Decisions become more consequential and long-term. Buying a car can be exhausting enough, but having to consider purchasing this for your teen can bring additional stress. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle for your teenager, chances are your focus is on their safety. Here are a few factors to consider before making the buying decision:

  1. Protection: Teens typically don’t have the experience to handle each unique situation while driving. Often, their experience includes driving school and parent driving sessions locally. Before purchasing a car evaluate the interior and exterior condition, and consult the vehicle history. Also, consider researching other safety features that are important concerns to you, such as a safety rating.
  1. Dependability: Remember many car salesmen may try to sell parents more expensive cars for their teens based on a variety of factors, such as new technology. While new technology is nice, it is more important to check out a previous accident report, and research their maintenance history as well as the general tendencies about the make and model. This is especially important if you’re buying used.
  1. Value: You might find a vehicle at a steal but take into account the repairs and maintenance costs you may see in the future. Also, different car brands require more expensive parts or care. Once you factor in these costs, it may change your buying decision.

While teens might prefer something with speed, another car may last longer or fill your needs better. When it comes to buying your teen’s first car, make sure to check out all the options. Check out the resource below for more tips on purchasing a car for your teen. It also provides a few maintenance tips as well as a few rules new drivers should especially pay attention to.

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, an auto auction company